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biting off…?

…more than I can chew? Eee by gum I hope not. I’ll be setting up at the Community Carnival this afternoon, which starts tomorrow and runs over 4 days. Incredible Rob has taken time off from work to help me. Don’t know how I’d manage without him. I’m still waiting for the printing people to let me know that my signage is ready (hurry UP dammit) and this morning I finished another hat order for the preschool. Almost on my way to Stellenbosch just now to deliver them, I remembered to pause and take some pics…

by 6

by 1

by 3

by 4

by 2

I cam away with orders for the fleece beanies and aprons for the staff. That makes Gemsy and me very happy. But for now – it’s Carnival time!


Olive in the sun

Meet Olive, Megan and Jeremy’s little girl, and Anne’s granddaughter.


At 7 months, Olive already has a natural sense of style. The duck-egg blue leggings work perfectly with a loose but crisp white smock, which she’s teamed with two accessories that clinch the “modern-baby-about-town” look , an oversized cotton collar* and a handmade patchwork sunhat**.  Trendy babies know that this winning fashion combo can take you through from morning mommy-and-me group to afternoon shopping trip, and is guaranteed to draw plenty of attention.

* model’s own

** by Jam Tarts

back to school

Since I’ve been busy with sunhats for Lynette’s preschool kiddies in Stellenbosch, it occurred to me that they might need other things that I could make. There are, after all, 150 children there – it seems like a nice little outlet :)

ethan 6     ethan 5

Using some left-over cotton, some velcro and a very vague memory of the size of an average preschooler, I came up with the above. And then hunted down 5-year old Ethan to model it for me in the garden. He was undeterred by the pink flowers, and told me he loves having his picture taken.

Some gratuitous pics of the sunhats:

sunhat suzette pink  sunhat purple turq  denim patch

The delivery of the second batch of hats took place yesterday, and I thought I’d share a pic of my newly-appointed Toggle Insertion Assistant, taken very late on Sunday evening:

toggle assistant 2Rob’s help also came with a lecture on time management, clearly well-deserved. My mantra for 2015 = I will not procrastinate. I will not procrastinate. I will not…..

a quick hello

So, it’s not that I don’t love you all and have things I’m dying to share, it’s just that blogging time has become a bit of a luxury for me at this time of year – I’m either making stuff for a market, or am at a market, or am doing the admin for future markets. I have 12 market days between now and Ch&%#*@mas, plus an order for sunhats for 150 preschoolers (deadline is 3 days away).

I also now have an industrial sewing machine in my life, which I bought second-hand: you can just see it on the left in the pic below of my sewing room.

sewing room

I know, right? You’re thinking, How on earth does she manage to keep her work space so tidy and clean? What can I say – I’m naturally well-organised, it’s a gift.

I hope to be able to show you the finished sunhats next week – I’m really proud of them. Each one is fully lined and has a different combination of fabrics in various patchwork styles, plus an adjustable band round the top and a toggle so it stays on.

sunhat purple turq