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Before and after

A few months ago I found this table at a Moving-On sale in Goodwood.
I’d gone to the sale hoping to pick up a mannequin but my entry number was one of the last ones called, so there were only unwanted dregs left for me. Peeved, I thought I should at least justify the trip by purchasing something, and lit on this. R50 = score!

Mosaiced and sprayed and socked, it is now this:

And I don’t mind telling you that everyone who saw it on Saturday laughed themselves silly at the crocheted socks. But I don’t care. I think socks are going to be the Next Big Thing for furniture. Am I alone in this, or does anyone agree with me?

To be continued…

(A-side) table

A side table or an aside-table? Either way, it makes me think Lily Pad, and it’s my First Mosaic Table.  I found it in a junk shop in Sedgefield last month, spotted it on top of a pile of other stuff as we were driving past.  After three and a half years, Rob has become expert at interpreting the tone and volume with which I yell Stop. It is a word he hears often: Stop – there’s a car coming! Stop – I want to look at that red dress in the window of the shop we just passed! Stop – I need to find a loo! Stop – there’s a pile of junk on the side of the road and I want to scrabble through it in case it yields something I can use! He has become an excellent stopper.

I love this table and don’t think I will be able to part with it, even though I have been getting it ready in time for Saturday’s open day and it would be wonderful if someone saw it and thought Ohmygod I have to have that. It has a cunning built-in coaster for one’s coffee mug. Mine, I think. 

To be continued…