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Taking stock…

Inspired by Rachel in her Little Room:

Making : pillow cases with butterflies on them
Cooking : absolutely nothing
Drinking : coffee
Reading: Adam’s Navel by Michael Sims

adams navel
Wanting: the two women on either generational side of me to find peace in themselves
Looking: out of the window at a beautiful green garden and a very untidy patio
Playing: the occasional game of Minesweeper
Deciding: on a more streamlined business strategy, with Rob’s help
Wishing: I hadn’t picked up 4 kgs in the last few months
Enjoying: my new car
Waiting: for the pillow cases in the tumble dryer to be ready
Liking: the reappointment of Pravin Gordhan as our Finance Minister
Wondering: how the hell I’m ever going to find the discipline to lose weight, and what Rob will cook for supper tonight
Loving: my cake-fork ring

Pondering: how best to screenprint designs on duvet covers
Considering: having to cancel next week’s treat pedicure since dropping a tin of cat food on my big toe last night, which is now blue and bloody and the size of a kiwi fruit. I was so looking forward to that pedicure….
Buying: only the essentials  (except for the cake fork ring)
Watching: Cuffs. and Transparent. Up to about episode 6, I think. 
Hoping: that I haven’t already walked through the remains of the gecko that Jessie caught last night
Marvelling: at the stupidity of some people, and geckos
Needing: apart from my prozac, very little!
Wearing: a very old animal print kaftan, completely torn down one side
Following: News24
Noticing: how much my kitchen needs a good clean
Knowing: how short our lives are and how we need to keep things in perspective
Thinking: that I must try harder to keep things in perspective
Admiring: Miss Columbia’s poise
Sorting: huh?
Bookmarking: the fanfare stitch that Kathryn told me about
Coveting: nothing comes to mind!
Disliking: the arthritic aches and pains in my hands, and knowing I will have to deal with it sooner rather than later
Opening: a jar of peanut butter
Feeling: relatively content, all things considered
Snacking: peanut butter on crackers
Helping: I don’t think I’m much of a helper. You’d have to get opinions from other people!