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a three-market weekend

An exhausting weekend has just been had by Jam Tarts – Rondebosch Market on Saturday, and Sunday was Kirstenbosch (Anne and Megan) and the River Club Boutique Market (Jill and Karen). We call it multi-tarting. Financially it was worth it but we now all have sunburned necks and aching feet…

I knew I’d be too busy to take photos so I left my camera at home, but I did manage to pick up a couple of good lines that are blog-worthy:

Woman: Oh, crochet stuff, my mother could do all this. And more.
One of us: Maybe she could join us, then, we could use the help!
Woman: She’s dead now.

Woman: Do you do repairs?
Anne: Repairs to what?
Woman: A very old cotton blouse.
Anne: [after trying to come up with an answer that wasn’t rude] No.

Other vendor: Wow, look at those two dogs over there. Those’re staffies.
Me: Interesting colour.
Vendor: Yes, they’re brinjals. Most unusual.
Me: Indeed.

Other vendor (on seeing our crocheted owls): Our monsters come with birth certificates.
One of us: Nice.
Vendor: And they’re bigger.
Me: Bigger than what?
Vendor: Bigger than these.
Me: Okay. But these aren’t monsters, they’re owls. [thinks: wtf???]

Woman [on seeing owls]: Are these doorstops?
Anne: No, they’re owls.
Woman: What do they do?
Anne: They don’t do anything, they’re just owls.
Me: You could glue one onto a brick, then it would be a doorstop.
Anne: Sssh.
Me: Or you could – [gets kicked by Anne]

Woman: This is a beautiful blanket. Must have taken ages to knit.
Anne: It’s not knitted, it’s crocheted.
Woman: I used to knit but I can’t any more because of my arthritis.
Anne: Maybe you’d find crocheting easier?
Woman: No, I don’t like crochet, I prefer knitting.

Woman: Is that R75 for the teapot and the cosy?
Anne: No, just the cosy.
Woman: But it’s on the teapot.
Anne: Just for display. To show you what it looks like.
Woman: But my sister needs a teapot.
Me: Well, when you find one for her, you can come back and get her a tea cosy to go with it.

People – they say the stupidest funniest things!

I’m off to Tulbagh this afternoon for a couple of days of peace and mountains and Tina’s three-week old kittens, will be taking my bikini patterns and crochet cotton with me. Also some Howard Jacobson and Carl Hiassen. Bliss.

To be continued…