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test tubes

I have a little stash of test tubes, once given to me by a friend who worked in a lab (nearly 20 years ago!) Because I keep everything, I can now use a couple of these for rooting plants.

test tubes 004

I have had my angel-wing begonia for many years and am always snipping off bits to grow into new plants. The original cutting was given to me by Di, a wonderful friend with a brilliant sense of humour and excellent bridge-playing skills, who has – very very sadly – since moved to a higher plane. I still think of her often, and still laugh about the joke she told at our first bridge get-together, about the rabbi and the prawn. It’s a killer (and clean), but has to be heard, not read. Sorry.

test tubes 002       test tubes 005

And hanging from the burglar bars in the kitchen, it’s nicer than the view of the paving slabs. It’s a bit overcast here today THANKS BE (yesterday was a scorcher, still recovering).

Back soon x


here a plant, there a plant

Skimming through the photos I keep in the folder called “Pics for BLOG”, these jumped out at me this morning, creating a fortuitous plant theme.

The one on the wall is a house in Sea Point, near where Alex’s sister lives. From what I could tell, they are two wooden frames with plastic bottles struck horizontally inside, with each plant coming out of the neck. Alex said she thinks she’s seen something similar at Kirstenbosch (National Gardens, here in Cape Town), so I’ll go and check it out one day.

The bright green succulent in a cement pot was on a table at a restaurant in Stellenbosch. The oddly-formed one (there’s almost something obscene about it but I can’t quite put my finger on it)  in a cream crochet ensemble was bought from Succulent Simon at the River Club Market on Sunday, and now lives on my window sill. I gave the angel-wing begonia in wire cup and saucer to Rob a few weeks ago. His plants don’t usually live long, and I have to send over a new one every couple of months.

Finally, the collection of plants in test tubes was the display in an empty shop window next to Art Source in Observatory. I’d gone to pick up glue supplies and this was so arresting. I have no idea what http://www.farmacy.co.za is, nor have I ever looked it up. I’m still not going to, but you can if you want.

To be continued…