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Rabbit: Take Two

When Alex was small, I once made her a rabbit. I found the pattern in a library book and it’s the nicest rabbit pattern I’ve ever come across – but I have no recollection of the original book nor do I wish to waste time by tracking it down – so, when it was time to make a rabbit for a friend’s new granddaughter, my only option was to undress and dismember Rabbit One in order to cut a new pattern.

rabbit gr

There she is, poor thing, headless, earless and naked as a jaybird.

Ta-da! Meet Rabbit Two, sporting a patchwork frock trimmed with pompoms and a silk headscarf.

patchwork rabbit 3

patchwork rabbit 1

Now to re-attach Rabbit One’s head and ears, and hope I haven’t scarred her for life.


late night/early morning owlet

I’m not much of a one for making soft toys but I came across this last night – Hoot Owl pattern – and the next thing I knew, I had wool and a hook in my hand.

I finished the body while waiting for Alex and Danielle to get back from the Westerford matric art exhibition, and first thing this morning I was up at 4.45 doing the eyes and sewing it together. I had to find buttons from the button box under the coffee table in the lounge and it was still quite dark, so the two I thought were a match turned out not to be. I couldn’t be bothered to go back and hunt for another one so my poor owl now has a bit of an eye problem.

But he can still see you.

To be continued…