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pillow cases

I’m loving my screenprinting. Concentrating on pillow cases to start with, I managed to get a proper display and packaging together and took them to the Kirstenbosch Market on Sunday (the first one of spring, yay).


purple butterflies

The feedback was excellent, a few sold and I got orders for more in different colours. I’m so encouraged that I even managed to find the time yesterday to update my website. Wonders will never cease.

Next up: the Wildflower Show in beautiful Tulbagh, this coming Saturday. Looking forward to catching up with Tina, Susan and the peacocks, apart from trading at the market itself.

Back soon x

cap(puccino) days

Being now officially hat mad, I have wanted to come up with more than one design for the newsboys.  Some people love big and puffy, and some people prefer a more compact look.  I tried making a pattern based on my existing knowledge, my (self-taught) pattern-making skills, other people’s experiments, and designs on the internet. I downloaded some free stuff (none of it turned out remotely how I wanted) and even purchased a few patterns, but again, I wasn’t finding my happy place.

Many frustrating weeks and a lot of wasted fabric later, I pitstopped for one of Jeanne’s double-shot cappuccinos (there’s some linguistic serendipity coming up here…) at Salisbury’s in Woodstock. Across the road is Sally Low’s gorgeous vintage clothes cum ceramics shop, so of course my feet naturally led me there once I’d absorbed the caffeine.  I found this:

brown hat

I rushed home and ripped it apart…

brown cap 2

and cut my own pattern from it…

new cap 4 new cap 1 new cap 2 new cap 3

This cap (cap – cappuccino, get it!) has four differently-shaped panels at the back and the front is a semi-circle from brim to brim fitted with a shaped tier underneath.  I learnt about inserting a short strip of elastic at the back in the seam of the lining on my search, and this works like a charm here.  One or two other minor modifications, and I believe I am well satisfied.

Carol modelled the new hat in Tulbagh yesterday, where we participated in the Christmas-in-Winter festival. Happy days :-)

Thanks for all the fish

Thanks for all your ideas re the fish hats, you really got my creative juices flowing….but it was while I was fitting the latest hat on Carol for a photoshoot just now …

flying fish 3

… and the little fins were sticking out on the sides…

flying fish 4

that the perfect name suddenly came to me  — it’s The Flying Fish hat !!!

And that’s enough from me for now – I have a crochet lesson tomorrow afternoon to prepare for, and a Christmas-in-Winter market in Tulbagh on Sunday. I’m told there’s snow on the mountains out in that part of the world, so let’s hope everyone has a really cold head.

a three-market weekend

An exhausting weekend has just been had by Jam Tarts – Rondebosch Market on Saturday, and Sunday was Kirstenbosch (Anne and Megan) and the River Club Boutique Market (Jill and Karen). We call it multi-tarting. Financially it was worth it but we now all have sunburned necks and aching feet…

I knew I’d be too busy to take photos so I left my camera at home, but I did manage to pick up a couple of good lines that are blog-worthy:

Woman: Oh, crochet stuff, my mother could do all this. And more.
One of us: Maybe she could join us, then, we could use the help!
Woman: She’s dead now.

Woman: Do you do repairs?
Anne: Repairs to what?
Woman: A very old cotton blouse.
Anne: [after trying to come up with an answer that wasn’t rude] No.

Other vendor: Wow, look at those two dogs over there. Those’re staffies.
Me: Interesting colour.
Vendor: Yes, they’re brinjals. Most unusual.
Me: Indeed.

Other vendor (on seeing our crocheted owls): Our monsters come with birth certificates.
One of us: Nice.
Vendor: And they’re bigger.
Me: Bigger than what?
Vendor: Bigger than these.
Me: Okay. But these aren’t monsters, they’re owls. [thinks: wtf???]

Woman [on seeing owls]: Are these doorstops?
Anne: No, they’re owls.
Woman: What do they do?
Anne: They don’t do anything, they’re just owls.
Me: You could glue one onto a brick, then it would be a doorstop.
Anne: Sssh.
Me: Or you could – [gets kicked by Anne]

Woman: This is a beautiful blanket. Must have taken ages to knit.
Anne: It’s not knitted, it’s crocheted.
Woman: I used to knit but I can’t any more because of my arthritis.
Anne: Maybe you’d find crocheting easier?
Woman: No, I don’t like crochet, I prefer knitting.

Woman: Is that R75 for the teapot and the cosy?
Anne: No, just the cosy.
Woman: But it’s on the teapot.
Anne: Just for display. To show you what it looks like.
Woman: But my sister needs a teapot.
Me: Well, when you find one for her, you can come back and get her a tea cosy to go with it.

People – they say the stupidest funniest things!

I’m off to Tulbagh this afternoon for a couple of days of peace and mountains and Tina’s three-week old kittens, will be taking my bikini patterns and crochet cotton with me. Also some Howard Jacobson and Carl Hiassen. Bliss.

To be continued…