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It’s a cruet, cruet world

So, we have the first Spring Market at Kirstenbosch coming up this Sunday 30th September. Hoo ha.

Been busy with these salt and pepper sets (hence the pun!) (sorry – but you know how fond I am of puns!) :-

And these are my first attempts at the tuna can pincushion, à la Doreen.

My efforts still need tweaking – the sides of the lilac one go up too high, and the blue-grey one was the wrong size can altogether!!! (Maybe it was salmon? oops). But I’m working on a raspberry one now, and it’s looking better.  Please note – these guys are stuffed with dried lavender from Zimbabwe (courtesy of Doreen’s stash), which apparently prevents the pins and needles from rusting. I don’t know about that, but I do know that they smell wonderful.

Right, back to the coal salt mine.

To be continued…

Free sungogs and tuna for lunch

The other day I’m thinking that I really need new sunglasses for summer. Ok, not need exactly, but want. I have a pair of perfectly nice ones, but sometimes one’s image just needs a refresh. There are some fancy ones around, and in fact I was sorely tempted at the optician’s last Friday because I went in for an eye test and a new pair of specs for night driving, and they were having a special on sungogs. I resisted (largely because I had just been quoted on the driving ones and was still in shock).

Today I nip into Pick ‘n Pay for a couple of groceries and spot the October edition of Fair Lady on sale complete with free sunglasses. I don’t usually buy Fair Lady, so I guess the lure of the free gift was intended for women just like me – greedy but mean-spirited souls who will change their buying habits at the drop of a – well, at the drop of a free gift.

I think they are great. Maybe a bit big for my face (which is already well-rounded!) and maybe oddly shaped around the nose bit – but cool enough, right? And not least because they were free!

One of my grocery items was a tin of tuna in brine. (Brine because I’m trying to stick to Weigh-Less and they recommend you avoid the one in oil.) Why am I telling you this? Well, I want you to look closely at the photo below. I took it earlier this morning at the home of my sort-of new friend, Doreen. There are two items on her craft table that she made herself and that I fell in love with. And an empty tuna tin is required to make one. More on this in another post, but in the meantime – tuna salad for lunch.

To be continued…