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my jeans have shrunk!

Right, that’s it, I’m going back to Weigh-Less. About two years ago I reached my ‘goal’ weight and felt happier, healthier, and a whole lot more cougar-ish (ha ha). But I’ve managed to let a good few kilos slide back into their old positions since then, and now I must face the consequences. All my jeans have shrunk. I’ve found a group in Gardens that meets at 9.45 on Saturday mornings, so I’ll be on my way there shortly.

Yesterday (Friday) afternoon on the couch was so peaceful: crochet, David Attenborough, and a box of rusks.

100_7068 100_7069 100_7070

There are another three discs in the Life series for me to watch while I make my slippers, but clearly I’ll have to switch to carb-free viewing from now on. Sigh.

Back soon x