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fire and destruction

Table Mountain and surrounding areas in flames, large parts of the University of Cape Town and Rhodes Memorial and Mostert’s Mill burned to the ground. All students were evacuated and there are no fatalities, although four firefighters had to be hospitalised.
The air was already thick with smoke by 11h00 yesterday morning over the entire southern suburbs.
I never expected to experience grief at the loss of buildings, but as a student at UCT for over six years and a member of staff for five, I find myself in tears.

Cape Town’s firefighters are incredible, by the way, and, while many people have exhorted those to pray to whomever they choose to believe is in control of things for the fire to stop, I didn’t see anyone resembling god or Jesus or Mohammed or whoever on the back of a fire engine rushing to the scene to help.


working space

Despite what I said yesterday about upheaval, there are some benefits to being in the new house. One is that there is a separate “flatlet”, comprising of two rooms and a bathroom, which I have annexed for my work space. Still disorganised but if I show you some pics it might help me to get a bloody move on….

work 1

Room #1 above: desk, printing table and ironing board. Also other stuff…

Room #2: sewing machines, fabric storage, very useful built-in cupboards.

work 6

Bathroom. There’s a narrow path to the loo, but otherwise it’s filling up fast…

work 5

A few inspirations hanging on existing fixture: Market Rabbit, African birds, and a very beautiful felted bag sent to me by Kathryn in Colorado.

work cats

Jessie and Choco have been sulking since the move. Their refuge is a cardboard box with a flannel sheet in my sewing room, and I’ve kept the doors closed while they acclimatise. Since we now share the house with a dog, however, this may take years. They will certainly never forgive me.

And here is an entirely gratuitous photo of me with my daughter on her graduation day at the University of Cape Town last week. Very proud of my girl. It was bitterly cold but at least the rain held off!

10 june 1