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I read Claire’s post about spirals the other day, and couldn’t get the image of those lovely whirly shapes out of my mind. Today I finally purchased the pattern (by Charissa Ragsdale at MadMadme.com, via Ravelry), and here we go with Number One:

spiral 1

Using Vinni’s DK cotton in burnt orange and soft grey. Colours don’t show up well because it’s evening here.  Nice and easy to work, and I love the effect of the surface chain. Thanks for the inspiration, Claire.

I’m not sure what the spirals will grow into, but I am pretty sure that they will multiply quickly. It’s like that when you have other deadlines, isn’t it?  I remember one evening about thirty years ago, at 9.30pm the night before a big exam, suddenly starting to paint my kitchen walls.

Back soon x


a little bit horny

I’ve been asked to make a whole batch of rhino beanies, in turquoise with white horns. I would have thought grey would be better but it IS a gorgeous shade of turquoise, and I guess will complement the pink elephants and the red herrings. The cotton is all Vinni’s, of course.

rhino 1

I wanted to take these pics late last night and Carol was already asleep, so I had to wake her. That’s why she’s a bit blurry-eyed.

rhino 2 rhino and baby

I had help.  After two very rushed and pathetic attempts at a horn, I decided to look-see if someone else had already invented this wheel.  Vielen dank, Diana.  You saved my sanity.

And for every beanie I make, I wish that fifty rhino poachers could be caught and strung up. I won’t post pics of the horrific images that you’ll find on Save the Rhino, but there are some vile people out there whose cruelty is beyond understanding.

In the meantime, I have a market tomorrow to prepare for, so I’ll be off. Hope you all have a marvellous weekend. x



autumn rainbow

Hello. I’m missing my wordpress time and have loads of things I want to tell and show you, but it has to be a short one tonight due to other more “pressing” demands on my time. (Why why why do I always bite off more than I can chew??? Why am I incapable of learning from past mistakes???)

This lady,


who is also this lady (you may remember I’ve shown you her beautiful embellished denim jacket before)

pam stallybras 1

asked me to make her an earflap beanie in any mixture of colours that I felt like using.  I used Vinni’s dk cotton and Repeat Crafter Me‘s basic beanie pattern.  I ended up with this, which I think of as a kind of autumn rainbow:

pam's hat

Pam put it on as soon as I handed it over, and looked gorgeous in it.  But I forgot to take a picture!


I’ve been so caught up with the kids’ animal beanies that I completely forgot about the hats for women I’m supposed to be making. 50 of them. FIFTY!!! What was I thinking???
I do at least have a great pattern. And it was free from Red Heart. And I can now make it in my sleep. Here it is: newsboy pattern in case you ever want to have a bash.

I made this version with 2 strands of Vinni’s Nikkim cotton in Plum and a 5mm hook:

alex newsboy

And this version in a mystery acrylic with a 5.5mm hook:

hats 012

I should have left the modelling to Alex, hahaha!!!

Back soon x