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scrappy waistcoat and random bed jackets

Sometimes I make something other than a hat. I’m quite pleased with this waistcoat, which is cobbled together from some fabric samples and a bit of black lace. HIdes the consequences of enjoying too much chocolate.



And sometimes I buy something I really don’t need…  I found these two bed jackets in a vintage shop in Woodstock, and they evoked such strong memories of my gran that I had to have them.  Bri-Nylon – do they even make that stuff any more?  The pinks and blues are a lot prettier and softer than you’d think from my lousy pics.

bed pink 2

bed pink  bed blue

It’s a pity that bed jackets have gone out of fashion. I guess people wear different types of pyjamas these days, far more casual and informal than forty or fifty years ago. My own bedwear is usually an old t-shirt and, in winter, an old t-shirt with old track pants. Not much less glamorous that that :(