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scrappy waistcoat and random bed jackets

Sometimes I make something other than a hat. I’m quite pleased with this waistcoat, which is cobbled together from some fabric samples and a bit of black lace. HIdes the consequences of enjoying too much chocolate.



And sometimes I buy something I really don’t need…  I found these two bed jackets in a vintage shop in Woodstock, and they evoked such strong memories of my gran that I had to have them.  Bri-Nylon – do they even make that stuff any more?  The pinks and blues are a lot prettier and softer than you’d think from my lousy pics.

bed pink 2

bed pink  bed blue

It’s a pity that bed jackets have gone out of fashion. I guess people wear different types of pyjamas these days, far more casual and informal than forty or fifty years ago. My own bedwear is usually an old t-shirt and, in winter, an old t-shirt with old track pants. Not much less glamorous that that :(


Spring is here!

Just a couple of oddments from me today, nothing like my usual creative focus or intellectual challenge. hahahaha

First off, spring has reached Cape Town! It’s time to unearth my cotton blouses and sleeveless waistcoats:

Second, here is a mirror I made for a certain important person in my life. His reception area is very dull and bleak, and I thought this would cheer things up.

(and you try and take a photo of a mirror without getting your reflection in it!)

Third, thanks to G-Ma Ellen, I discovered this divine crochet pattern for slippers from Mamachee on Etsy:

Fell in love with, ordered, paid, and downloaded! How spectacular is this super-speed techno world of ours! Turns out I have no 6.5mm hook in my tools, so I’m off to Simply Stitches in Pinelands just now. As soon as I finish this post. Oh, and shower and dress.

Finally, get yourselves on over to the Woolhogs Made-It Challenge – the prize for October has been donated by the lovely Rainbow Junkie in the UK. You don’t have to make anything knitted or crocheted, it can be baked, stitched, modelled, painted….the world is your banana. And no, I have no idea what made me write that. Sometimes I’m just silly.

To be continued…