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Day Three at the Waterfront

Day Three was yesterday, Sunday, and it was AMAZEBALLS (as Lisa would say).

I’m loving being at the Waterfront, interacting with customers, and chatting to the other vendors.

red shed 009

My favourite new friends are the little band of tailors at Tidy Tucs, just across the way from me.  A steady (and I mean steady) flow of customers keeps them busy twelve hours a day, and they are always pleasant and efficient and sweet.  The lead singer, Ritesh, is about 26 or 27, and moved to South Africa from Pakistan seven years ago. He says he loves this country and the opportunities it has given him.  He tells me he’s on the market for a wife. He watches cricket on his DStv Walker which is presticked to the wall next to his steam press. He made some extremely helpful suggestions about my display yesterday and, after I’d made the changes, three customers in a row bought a pair of slippers. We high-fived six times (once for each slipper!)

Ritesh is in business with two of his uncles. An older man came by to visit and, when he’d left, I asked if that was one of them. No, he said, but also yes, because in a vay everyone’s my uncle. But vat I really vant is father-in-law. You have daughter?  

Back soon x


So, Friday 1 November is just three more sleeps away, and it’s going to be my first day of my one-month stint at the Red Shed. I have a huge to-do list, and some items even have ticks next to them. With much support from Rob (as ever), who is taking a day’s leave to help me, I’m anticipating an exciting and productive day.

I’m still making my display sign, which I’m hoping conveys the concept of handmade-is-awesome. I’m cobbling it together from an old wooden frame, some white cardboard and strips of crochet in the Jam Tarts colours, and am still not sure if it’s going to look okay or not. But it will do, for now.

sign sign 2

I’ve also made a couple of items that will form part of the ‘exhibition’ side of things, rather than the sales side. Just to inspire people, and to get their attention. In the right way, hopefully, as in, Wow, look at that, how unusual, and not, Holy crap, what stupid things will people think up next?

bedside lamp

This lamp was an unwanted gift (from me to my ex-husband years ago), he said it was too ugly to use.  I knew it would come in useful one day and, no, sorry, Melvin, it’s too late now.

My colleagues for the month are Razaan from Chic Fusion and Gerhaard from Karooworx, have a look at their websites for some really original and stunning made-in-the-Cape products.

I’ll post again before Friday, but after that, for a few weeks, not so much.

x Jill