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Nazareth House Day One

The first day of the Nazareth House 130th birthday celebrations: what a day – blew us all away! Literally. Cape Town is famous for its South-Easters, and when one comes in over the mountain, you really don’t want to be in Vredehoek or Woodstock. We were in Vredehoek.

I took some great pics of the tablecloth rolling in over the top of the mountain (a visible sign that you need to get out of the wind and FAST), but left my camera in the car overnight by mistake under a pile of lampshades so will have post later. Two vendors (jewellery and ceramics) arrived at 12.30 to set up, got out of their cars, got straight back in again and left. The rest of us persevered. It’s not easy when the wind whips the bunting you’ve just hung across the side of your stall slap across your face while you’re trying to weight down other things with little rocks that you’ve had to forage for in the road, but, hey, it’s all in a day’s work. I ended up with a few sales (not too shabby considering the wind was putting off a lot of visitors), some great new contacts, and renewed admiration for Rob. He is so thoughtful – three of the port-a-loos had been blown over and away down the side of the field. We laughed and shook our heads at the silly old wind – until I needed to go. I wasn’t ready to end my life in a plastic toilet being airborne across the foreshore with my pants down. He immediately realised my concern, and propped himself behind my chosen loo like a bouncer at the Moulin Rouge. No budging!

Time for me to log off, put my happy sales face on, and JUST DO IT.

To be continued….