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This bikini business has become a bit of a nagmerrie, as we say down here (you’ve really got to phlegm-up the g and roll those r’s to get the full onomatopoeic gist of the word). What a mission.
I’ve tried so many different combinations of patterns and cottons and thicknesses and hooks and sizes that I’m in a quite a state. These photos are only the tip of the iceberg, and they probably give the impression that I’ve got it all under control, but I don’t.

Here are some attempts, shown on Miss Boobalicious. She’s a bit pale but on the other hand she doesn’t move much.






The white one is lovely but the cups are too pointy, and the centre point is too high up. The blue one is a lovely pattern and quick to make, but the same cotton for the pants would be too bulky, plus I don’t like the way they do the strings. Either find another way, plus use a different cotton, and then a smaller hook as well, or work in more rows….. argh. The halter-type top worked well and was really nice to make, but it isn’t what was originally asked for. It’s also too thick.

Anyway, I have two more patterns to try out, one courtesy of the incredible designer Cindy Kamps (who sent an old trusted pattern to me purely out of kindness) and the other from the Wonky Zebra in the UK, from whom I had ordered a pattern on Etsy and received an extra one, also as a courtesy bonus. What lovely ladies. I guess they understand – and you all will, too – what a BLOODY NIGHTMARE it can be sometimes to find EXACTLY THE RIGHT PATTERN…..

Rob commented innocently the other day, “Those bikinis seem to be taking a long time, don’t they, I thought they wanted them for this summer?”, but then he found it impossible to speak through a mouthful of yarn so he had to shut up.

To be continued…