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ScrapHappy October 2022

The weather is playing mean tricks on us and, instead of sunshine and a temperature of 25 deg C, we have gloomy skies and a nasty cold wind today. So much for spring. Bah! But I will use this as justification to put off my daily 10-km run and stay indoors with my beads, threads and Britbox. [just kidding about the 10-km run, by the way – that’s never going to happen unless someone puts me in a shopping trolley and tow ropes it to the back of their car].

There’s a lot of wrapped fabric cords and jewellery and bowls on instagram these days, so I thought I’d give it a bash.

I did not enjoy the process and I do not like the result, so this is definitely not my latest enthusiasm. The only thing that will save this, for me, is if I attach an old enamel pendant that came from my grandmother. The colours work well together and the pendant gives the cord the weight it needs to hang properly. In company with a few other beads and necklaces, it might get a wear – but the jury is still out on that.

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