Macon, spam and Nazareth House celebrates 130 years

I’ve had intermittent internet access for the last two days, mainly due to ISP changes and related problems. For a brief window yesterday, I was able to read and reply to comments on my blog, then nothing, then I was granted a bit of facebook time, then again nada. No gmail at all. Today was Lights Are On but Nobody Home until about 4pm. Judging from my stress and irritation levels, I’ve clearly become addicted to all things online. It’s taken me over four hours to feel a sense of balance returning.

I met Karen for a late breakfast this morning, in an attempt to take my mind off the above. We decided to try a new place in W——-, which I will not name, nor will I return. It wasn’t that they tried to hide the fact that no cooked part of a pig will be served on the premises (everyone is entitled to their own reasons and religions), the problem for me was that they thought macon would be an acceptable substitute. I first heard of macon from a Muslim colleague a few years ago and, frankly, I thought he was pulling my leg. Macon??? Really??? He himself said it was pretty horrible and that he’d rather stick pins in his eyes than eat the stuff. All I can say is that I have never ever seen anything so revolting on a plate, and that’s saying something because I was once at a very trendy new Asian restaurant in New York (I know, me!) and was served a patty of raw minced tuna submerged under a 5-inch layer of stinky oil. It was so vile that even the intrepid and image-conscious person I was with described it as “intense”. But given a choice between the oily tuna cowpat and the plastic-y sculpted organ-pink slice of macon, I’d pick the fish any day.

And while I’m going on about something already, what is it with all the spam? Sex Dating and Gratis Sex? Five or six comments a day…. sigh. Do real people really and truly click on those links? Trashing them isn’t enough, they just keep coming. I wish I could make them stop.

Finally, let me finish this post on a happy note. I visited Nazareth House in Vredehoek after the macon episode today, and what an amazing experience it was. Built in 1930, the buildings and grounds are superbly maintained, and the view across Cape Town and the harbour would make property developers drool. The staff I met were so so nice and professional and organised, and I cannot wait for the 2-day Fun Fair next week to celebrate their 130 years, and raise some much-needed funds.

Jam Tarts is going to be there with bells on!

To be continued…

18 thoughts on “Macon, spam and Nazareth House celebrates 130 years

  1. tgonzales


    BWAHAHAHAHAHA! I know everything that you have gone through is very annoying, but I got a kick out of how you tell the story. It makes me laugh uncontrollably. Oh by the way I have the same problem with the Spam stuff. I can’t believe it; I delete them and they just keep on showing back up. (and no I don’t click on the link) :) Good Luck at the Market. I hope tomorrow is a better day.

    Love and Hugs,

  2. Patch

    I get those spam things too. I know what you mean by “Macon” but why is it called that?? I’m veggie and have had similar, rubbery, indigestible stuff served to me called “fakin’ bacon”. It’s truely rubbish and would be SO disappointing if you were expecting a proper bacon butty. Although I choose not to eat meat, I still cook it, I’m not squeamish. Big J is distinctly carnivorous!

    1. Nice piece of work

      I don’t eat much meat myself, and now I think I’ve even been put off bacon. I do like chicken, though, but I’ve got fairly adventurous with chick peas and lentils, so I prefer that stuff. Doesn’t go off, either. :-)

  3. rainbowjunkiecorner

    Shame about the macon. It’s funny because I used to buy something called ‘Turkey Rashers’ that was meant to be a bacon alternative and they were quite tasty!
    I know what you mean about lack of internet. I think I must be addicted too! :-)

  4. Pam

    thank you for always bringnig a huge smile to my face when I read your blog – have you ever seriously considerd stand up comedy ;-)

    1. Nice piece of work

      Glad I can make you laugh, you cantankerous old sourpuss you.
      Stand-up? No, I haven’t. My personal style is more lie-down.
      Nice to get a comment here from you, Pammy xxx. Have a good weekend :-)

  5. cupcakemummy

    I HATE those spammers grrr… Free sex would be great yes but I mean come on, do they REALLY believe I’m going to click that link? Psshhh… Too much effort ;)
    And lack of internet – yup… Know that one all too well.
    Think I should visit you at a market soon :)


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