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a cut and paste from Creative Jewish Mom

I get so many ideas from this incredible blog, you really should go and have a squizz if you aren’t already following her: Creative Jewish Mom. (I can’t reblog because we use different apps, so I’ve cut and paste.)

I mean, how flipping wantable is this – !!??

hearts creative

To be continued…

a year on

Today is my bloggy birthday.


I’m quite pleased with myself – I’ve been pretty good over the years at not finishing what I start (from small things like knitting projects to bigger things like marriage and writing a novel). Usually, I start second-guessing: as in, This jersey doesn’t feel like it’s the right size, rip it out, or I don’t like all the chainy things in this pattern, chuck it in the bin, or This concept isn’t working and you can’t write anyway, no-one will read this crap… I need to stop that. I need to FINISH WHAT I START, even if that requires switching off the self-criticism and putting my doubts on hold.

So, a year of maintaining something that requires regular input and thought and effort is something to be proud of, for me. Meeting all of you and being inspired in return is a huge bonus.

I guess I should announce a give-away to celebrate, like all the generous crafty bloggers do, and I will – but not today. Today I am going to finish allowing my back to recover, and if that means spending it lounging on my bed in pyjamas being served peeled grapes by a virile young Argentinian in a leather crocheted thong with Nickelback’s latest cd in the background, then I must just accept that gracefully.

To be continued…

the slippery slope

I have one of these buggers: a slipped disc, possibly caused by carrying a very heavy old door from the spare room to the lounge early this morning, in a lightbulb moment of interior design upcycling. And if it wasn’t that, then it was my demonstration to Alex yesterday of how to do a roll-up in pilates. I haven’t attempted one in nearly five years and, truthfully, it just about flipping killed me.

Either way, I should be typing this standing up or flat on my back, neither of which is comfortable. And since I am to spend the next 3 days resting, and can’t even crochet because I can’t do that flat on my back, I’ll have to take comfort in my Carl Hiassen omnibus and my secret stash of Milo bars and bid you farewell for a little while.

To be continued…


Happy New Year!

I have started my 2013 jar a la Rachel in her post that I reblogged yesterday, so already I feel like I have ticked something off my list of things to do.

And this picture below, while not looking like much to get excited over, represents the start of my commitment to being tidier and more organised this year.


I had bits of stuff and pots of cuttings all over my little garden and patio, and it was looking really messy and unloved. I dug out two pieces of wood from the garage  (rescued from a neighbour’s kitchen-gutting months back) and Rob turned them into shelves for me.  The large teapot is a birthday present from Anne, and now houses an ivy plant. The small one was accidentally broken and given to me to use in a mosaic.  This obviously never happened, and I think it will look lovely as a planter.  It had better.

And, as I shouldn’t need to point out, what’s a patio without disco balls? Right, Lisa?

It’s been almost a year since I started blogging, encouraged by the witty and well-travelled Rowena (Reading and Writing), and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it (sometimes I pretend it’s “work”, hahaha). It has helped me focus on what I do and what I’m trying to do, and led to meeting and being inspired by some talented and wonderful people all over the world.  I’ve even had to google some of the places that you guys hail from, so you’ve broadened my education as well – Wisconsin, Mikkeli, Wellington…

Wishing you all good health, happiness, brilliant creative ideas, and many many reasons to get up in the mornings.

To be continued…

Getting the look

Every day I check out Mimi G’s posts on how to Get the Look.

Isn’t she gorgeous? Here is more of today’s look: Mimi on Friday.

Why do I torture myself like this?  Mimi is under 30, petite, sexy, confident and stylish.  She can walk in those heels.  I am none of those things, and fall over if I’m not in flipflops.  I am the aardvark to her meerkat, the manatee to her minnow.

Here is the Jill G look today:

AWESOME!!!!!! hahahaha

To be continued….

origami – me? orumad?

I truly admire origami and those who do it (origamiers? origamants? orifices?), all that tiny fiddling and folding of exquisite handmade paper with long cool fingers, the flawless creases and the simplicity of perfection and the perfection of simplicity…nope, not for me. Give me a sack of buttons, an empty coke bottle and a glue gun any day.

Except until now. I have just been nominated by the Crafty Pioneer, clearly a woman of discernment and high blogging standards, for the Liebster Award. I’m very honoured, thank you very much indeed. I am a follower of this blog but a relatively new one, so once I’d read that I’VE BEEN NOMINATED I went through a couple of Crafty’s posts again – where I spotted the nicest paper flowers I’ve ever seen. (You know where this is heading, right?) Before I knew it, I had burrowed in boxes for paper and was busily measuring out 4-inch squares… and look:

My flower!!! I know that the petals don’t match, and I didn’t have any florist’s wire to stick them onto (I substituted a chop stick, which felt appropriate) but I am still mighty pleased with myself.

Here is the flowers tutorial. I love it. I’m already trying to work out when I can fit in a trip to the Deckle Edge for more paper because, as you all know, I really needed another crafty hobby! hahahaha hahahaha

To be continued…

Liebster award

Now who could resist checking out a blog called Popsicles and Pinatas?!  Two gorgeous American sisters keep this going with the kind of exuberance and natural energy that I only briefly experienced in my early 20s.  Now, in my autumn years, sometimes I just get tired when I read about all the fun and glamour that’s going on out there….but I can dream!

Anyhow, these girls have nominated me for the Liebster Award, please see here: Popsicles and Pinatas, and who am I to kick an award horse in the mouth? I’m very touched, Michelle and Melissa, you are kind and generous and have such discerning taste …  :) xxx

I have also seen this logo for the Liebster:

so I’m going to be greedy and use them both!

Here’s what I have to do:

When I receive the award, I post 11 random facts about myself and answer 11 questions from the person who nominated me:

* I have always hated my upper arms and very very seldom go sleeveless.

* The older I get, the less I care about my upper arms.

* I think I will go out and buy a new sleeveless top today.

* I once ate a prawn that had been sent to me in the mail from Johannesburg. It took three days to reach me, and it made me very sick.

* I broke one of my mother’s dining room chairs just by sitting on it, a few years ago. She has never let me forget that. But those chairs were hideous, so I’m glad I broke one.

* I have never tried recreational drugs except for a couple of joints in my youth.  I hated the effect – first I got stupidly funny, then I got starvingly hungry, then I got cripplingly tired. I’m pretty much like that now naturally, anyway. I guess some people would see that as a bonus.

* I registered at the University of the Witwatersrand after school but dropped out before 2nd-year mid-year exams. I was a teenage drop-out!

* I went back to university when I was in my mid-20s, to study literature and anthropology and history. Cool stuff, but I don’t remember much of it now; apparently I ended up with a Master’s degree.

* I like Locnville. Yes, I know they are pretty teen boys from the southern suburbs of Cape Town and most of their stuff is electronic and/or derivative. But I can’t help it, I just like them. They make me laugh.

* I don’t like very salty food, like anchovies, and never let them near my pizzas or pasta.

* I very much want to travel to India and immerse myself in the gorgeous glitzy shiny textiles and decorations and designs that I see. But I do not want to use a long drop – I find the notion of toilet infinity just too freaky.


Okay, now I answer 11 questions (this is starting to feel like a job interview):

1.  What are you most proud of? My daughter. She’s like me but better.

2.  What makes you happy? When someone wants to buy something I’ve made. When I get into bed at the end of the day with my current book and a warm cat comes and lies on top of me. When Rob takes me out for sushi. When my daughter hugs me. When I find money in the street.

3.  What is your most prized possession? My home.

4.  What are you afraid of? That I or someone I love becomes a victim of crime.

5.  Why do you blog? Work avoidance.

6.  How would you describe your style? I’m not sure I have any kind of consistent or consolidated style! Sometimes I just go for what is clean and at the front of my cupboard, other days I remember to accessorise and use lipstick.  Eclectic? Hit and miss?

7.  What are you most grateful for? Too many things to mention. I have far too much to be grateful for. I live in a state of gratefulness.

8.  What is the best book you have ever read? Impossible question. They are all good – even the bad ones, because they make the good ones even better by comparison. Plus they can be used as door stops.

9.  What food do you hate? Anchovies. Old prawns. Tripe. White sauce. Polony (which I don’t think actually IS a food).

10. What is your favorite “guilty pleasure” aka “super dorky” song? I refuse to answer that on the grounds that someone may use the answer against me later.

11. What is your favorite holiday? A week in Sedgefield with Rob.

Nominate 11 blogs: at first I thought, What – eleven??? But already I’ve run out of numbers. These are just some of the blogs that are my favourites, there are many others written by clever, crafty, creative people!

Yarn Chick 40
Crochet again
Crochet Missy
Handmade Harbour
Cupcakes and Sailors
Stitched Up Mama
Daniella Joe
Reading and Writing
Green Dragonfly
Pillows a la Mode

Now I inform the above 11 bloggers that I think they are fabuloso, and come up with 11 questions for them. The thought of which exhausts me, so please answer the same 11 questions that I had to (see above). They are perfectly good questions so I don’t see the need to reinvent the wheel.

NB: I am not allowed to nominate the blog who nominated me, and I am only to choose blogs with 200 or less followers. I hope I’ve got this last bit right (but if I haven’t, what are they gonna do? – stand me against a wall and shoot me? Strip me of my Liebster award?…ho ho no, I don’t think so).

Popsicles and Pinatas latest post is about making Harry Potter bookends. Man, I get so TWISTED UP INSIDE when someone comes up with a better idea than I ever have…. :-)

To be continued…