crossing the lino

They say you should try everything once. Whoever “they” are. So, here we go wiiiiiiiith…..PRINTMAKING with LINO 101 !!!

There’s this brilliant (and patient) Cape Town artist called Judy Woodborne who offers classes for beginners, so Rob and I signed up.  I forgot to take a pic of his first print, which was actually a really lovely and unusual design. Mine, less so:

lino 1  Lino 3

I know what you’re thinking, it’s okay, you don’t all have to laugh at once. This was the first “design” I managed to scrape up off the top of my head – a tulip-y thing with leaves inside a very squonky box. But, hey, everyone has to start somewhere. And I have a whole week to practice before the next workshop.

Judy’s studio, Intaglio, is in the old, previously-abandoned Bijou Cinema in Observatory, and her space has been converted from what was once the projection room. Interesting in itself: curved walls with little windows at intervals for the projectors, and loads of exquisite etchings and extraordinary works of art on display.

PS. We also got freshly-brewed coffee and orange cake. It was a really lovely evening, well-spent in practicing patience and quiet thought.

13 thoughts on “crossing the lino

  1. katechiconi

    I think you’re being unnecessarily harsh, I rather like your wonky tulip, and I can see that the technique would work very well for printing on fabric. Keep on with it, I think you may have a bit of a talent for it!

    1. Nice Piece of Work Post author

      Thanks, Joan, I supposed I thought I’d manage to come up with something a bit less stereotyped on my first attempt. It’s the same way I feel about writing – I just know that as soon as I put pen to paper, my novel will magically formulate itself and be incredibly clever and multi-layered. hahahahaha

    1. Nice Piece of Work Post author

      Thanks. I’m interested in wood stamping as well, especially from a block printing point of view, but I don’t think I’d be able to carve wood. Lino is like butter :) But apparently I will be also be able to design some lino cuts that will work like wood, as long as I attach some kind of handle to them. An old doorknob, maybe?

  2. Patch

    I like it. Simple is good. I remember doing lino-printing in sixth form I think… I did a view of a nearby railway viaduct. I cut out all the little stones of the bridge… it worked well…. or perhaps it’s rose-tinted memories!!!!


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