mixed berries scarf complete

Right, it’s done. The scarf that I started knitting up here with Lisa’s gorgeous yarn has just had its ends woven in.

It’s all garter stitch, and I simply cast on two stitches then increased one stitch at the beginning of every row. So wonderful just to be able to pick it up and put it down whenever I needed a little break from more strenuous activity. The longest side of the triangle measures 90cm, and I just stopped when I ran out of yarn. It’s not long enough to go round my neck on its own (unless I tuck it into the jacket or coat collar, if I’m wearing one) without being pinned at the front, but I love brooches so this suits me perfectly. You may notice the very beautiful silver, jet and mother-of-pearl gecko above, which came to me from a dear friend in Colorado (originally met through blogging). It is one of my most precious possessions, plus I have always had a soft spot for geckos. She didn’t know that when she sent it to me!

Now, somewhere in this house there is a bag with a chunky garter stitch tank top that needs to have the shoulders stitched up. I must find it soon because I can feel a necessary break coming on…  Moving day is only 5 days away – you won’t hear from me again before then, so see you on The Other Side :)

PS. The weather for tomorrow looks to be like the last perfect autumn day for Cape Town, so I’m looking very forward to the Kirstenbosch Market – the neck cushions to be given away have been allocated (via this blog) to people who became customers over six years ago. They remain customers and have always been wonderfully supportive of my various nutty ideas, but they’ve also become friends. Life is good.




27 thoughts on “mixed berries scarf complete

  1. Gail

    Your scarf is stunning. Sending good luck vibes for the packing and moving and patient understanding vibes for combining 2 households into your new home. Been there, done that and spent most of the first unpacking day sweeping things off the tops of kitchen cupboards because even though I am chronically untitdy, things on the top of kitchen cupboards offend my sense of order.

    1. Nice Piece of Work Post author

      Thanks, Gail, for the good vibes. I’m sure we’ll just sail through it. But I have to laugh at your last comment – that will never be my problem, since I wasn’t born with a sense of order!!!

  2. katechiconi

    Gorgeous scarf and gorgeouser brooch! Best of luck completing the packing and I hope Moving Day is relatively painless and uneventful. See you on the other side xxx

  3. insearchofitall

    I had to come back after reading this. Got distracted as it’s daughter day. ;) Love the colors and they look very nice. I didn’t see a gecko pin but I’ll take your word for it. Aren’t blogging friends the best! Good luck on the move and I’ll be thinking about you. Hope all goes well.

  4. Bestemor

    Glad to hear the actual move is over; now for the unpacking . . . or perhaps that is done and all is in tip-top shape already. LOL Good thing I’m too far away for you to throw things, eh? Although I’m closer now . . . seriously, I’ve had plenty of moving in my life, usually combined with putting things into/out of storage units. My next one will be a real challenge, unless I find a place where all the boxes from storage can go until I sort them out. Will likely take at least a year to do, but will be worth it in the end. I tell you this in the hope that it will make your move a wee bit easier to deal with.

    BTW, I love the scarf; I have a few shawls on the go (in the storage, of course) and some began just as your scarf did. I love the simplicity of not counting stitches and rows; just knitting or crocheting (usually the latter) serenely . . .

    Well, I’ve a lot to do and a post is so overdue just now. Much love and light for you and for your new home, too. Take some time for you and especially for creativity, is my advice, which is always easier to give than to take. But do try. I wish you so much happiness from here on . . .

    ~ Linne

    1. Nice Piece of Work Post author

      Thank you, my dear bloggy friend. You are very kind :)
      It’s true that we still have boxes and boxes to unpack, but we’ll get there. I also have to have some minor alterations made to the far end of the garage, because that will become my storage space and screenprinting area. But all in good time, I keep telling myself. I DO keep the knitting needles next to my pc for the odd bit of “creativity”, if I can call knitting a garter stitch rectangle creativity. It helps!


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