scrap (belated) happy

This post was meant to have been in time to tie in with Kate’s Scraphappy, hence the ‘belated’.

A customer at Made in the Cape asked me if I ever made yoga mat bags. I said No but I’d give it a go. She liked the one I made so much she immediately asked for another one for her yoga friend. Then a friend of mine asked for one via facebook (have I ever told you how much I love facebook?)


In a stroke of pure genius, I added a denim jean pocket which closes with a bit of velcro, so the yoga girls can keep their keys in it while they’re doing their yoga-ery thing and keeping flexible and toned.

An aside: I tried yoga once and it didn’t go well. The guy said If you feel uncomfortable for any reason, just go into the recovery position for a few minutes. The recovery position became my default, and by the time the class was over I had to be eased up to vertical by two strong lads.

17 thoughts on “scrap (belated) happy

  1. katechiconi

    Lovely! And you’re right, the pocket is genius. I sort of wish I could yogue (isn’t that the verb…?), but all my joints are now too painful, and I’m happily swanning around doing tai chi instead.

      1. insearchofitall

        I’ve thought about Tai Chi as well. I did enjoy Yoga but have a balance issue. LOVE those bags. Each one unique and the pocket was ingenious. I hope you sell lots of them. I don’t take classes anymore but on occasion stretch out on my floor to loosen up.

      2. katechiconi

        No, definitely not past it. Most of the members of my class are 70+, and several are in their 80s. We have two disabled members who do it from a chair. I really love it, I find it very centring and calming.

  2. tgonzales

    Oh I love the yoga mats and especially your genius idea to use a jean pocket with velcro. I do love Facebook too for the simple fact that you can reach so many more people and they can fall in love with your things too. :) I’m afraid I wouldn’t even be able to get into the recovery position and lord knows how many people it would take to get me off of the floor. HAHAHA Hope you have a great day! Love and Hugs, Tamara

  3. Rainbow Junkie

    Another great creation ans such a good practical idea to add the pocket. I went to Yoga classes once and got a frozen shoulder. I do like doing a few yoga poses of my choice though!

  4. Susan

    Great scrap use! I love the pocket idea. Now if only I had a yoga mat. If only I NEEDED a yoga mat! I’m more like you with yoga – not a good combination.

  5. quietwatercraft

    I love the pompom pocket! They’re all beautiful though, the patchworky vibe works so well.
    I think yoga isn’t for me either. I tried a beginner 30-day thing on youtube and gave up on day 7 because I just kept ending up shouting at the screen!

  6. Going Batty in Wales

    I love yoga but you do have to find the right teacher – not the’ one and only best for everyone’ but the one who suits you. Love the bags.


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