the Smother City

In South Africa, we refer to Cape Town as the Mother City. Today, as I was driving home after running some errands at the Waterfront ((barely able to touch the burning steering wheel, barely able to breathe properly in the heat, a haze of hotness rising up off the roads, my make-up running off my face and into my bra)), I came up with a more appropriate name – the Smother City. We’re being smothered by the heat.


37 – see that? They’re lying anyway, you can always add on at least another five degrees! And I know that the poor folk out in the winelands are definitely at 42 or 43 minimum!

I was trying to think how best to convey to you what this weather does to my poor brain (delicate little Lancashire lass that I am, hahaha). I think this works: it is so hot that I could strip off all my clothes and zigzag naked through a water sprinkler on full speed belting out Singin’ in the Rain in front of Alan Rickman, George Clooney and Brad Pitt without caring what they thought, if it meant relief.

I dream of snow.

20 thoughts on “the Smother City

  1. Eleanor

    You wish for our current British weather, then: rain, more rain, and still yet more rain! It’s getting a little tiring now although we had a fantastic thunderstorm last weekend

  2. rainbowjunkiecorner

    Well we haven’t got snow here but it’s wet and miserable and almost cold enough for a UK January. I know what you mean about the heat though. If I had to chose: your weather or ours. Mmm……………………….

  3. RedSetter

    Ooookay, I think you’ve quite possibly made your case for being overheated with what you’d do just to cool down….lol! We’re plenty cool but I cant send any snow as I think it is only some sleet forecast here.

  4. The Twisted Yarn

    I’m loving reading everyone’s posts about the weather at the moment, because we all seem to be having such ridiculously extreme weather in different ways. Can we all swap for a day? I’d love your heat! Or the snow they’ve got in North America. Instead we’ve got record-breaking rain rain rain rain rain, and consequent floods. Yuck.


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