donkey work

I enjoyed playing around with those bits of left-over fabric more than I realised. And when it comes to enjoyable sewing, nothing beats the simplicity of straight lines. Someone I knew would have called it donkey work, in which case I’m having an Eeyore week.


The colours don’t show up that well in the pics, but they are a gorgeous mix of blues and creams and teals and greys and browns.

I like random, so I’ll never be one of those clever quilting ladies whose exquisitely thought-out fabric mosaics I admire so much! But I still felt I deserved a rotary cutter and a proper cutting mat – an early birthday present to myself :-)  My squares are so much squarer now!

bedspread-1       bedspread-3

rotary       eeyore


21 thoughts on “donkey work

  1. katechiconi

    Every fabric lover deserves a cutting mat and rotary cutter… or two… or three. Love that colour scheme. Now you’ve got the bug, try making the pieces smaller; you’ll be amazed how many more fabrics you can get into one quilt :-)

  2. Gail

    As a long term user of a rotary cutter, my advice is to keep an eye out for spare cutting blades. The same blades range in price from R48 in Kleinmond to R35 in Cape Town. I always cut on the inches side of my cutting board because I find it easier to count and measure in inches. Waiting patiently for a scrappy quilt to appear on your blog!

      1. kathrynrubidoux

        Red will be pretty. There might be something in the package I sent you can use, that is if the darn thing ever makes it to you.

      2. Nice piece of work Post author

        Well now, I had a looooooong chat with the customs depot here in Cape Town on Friday….seems like it’s been held up and no-one can really explain why, so I’m trying to find out if going there in person will help my case :(

      3. kathrynrubidoux

        I think I need to stop using the shipping place near my house, I bet they filled out the paperwork wrong. I will compensate you if there are additional charges, so let me know what happens.

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