scrappy sew-up

To differentiate between my usual squares-only patchwork, I have come to think of this as the Random Threesomes. See how nicely those first six grew into a respectably-sized couch throw?



I might end up keeping this one. On the other hand, if anyone is keen, I’ll sell it!  I once heard a customer at a craft market tell her friend that Jews will even sell you something from their own home if “the money’s right”. “Yes,” said the friend, “Indians do that, too.”  Classic!

15 thoughts on “scrappy sew-up

  1. insearchofitall

    Looks like a happy throw to me and just because you made it doesn’t mean you have to keep it. People have so many judgements about everything. You had the fun of putting it together and giving it life. I’ve used that design too. It’s fun.

  2. katechiconi

    Nice Rail Fence, ma’am! One of the all-time classic designs. Unless you’re going to post something new and scrappy between now and 15th, do you want to link this one into ScrapHappy Day?

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