a bit of glass

Scuffling through one of the store rooms at work last week, I came across….

CarpentersShop 025        CarpentersShop 024

STUFF !!!!!! And we all know how much I love stuff, right!

A couple of years ago, one of the projects undertaken at The Carpenter’s Shop was glass-cutting.  Apparently it went really well for a while but circumstances and people changed, and so did the focus.  The bottles have been gathering dust ever since, and so have the recycled items. Until now, baby.

glass 2

Green glass planter – put some small stones in the bottom, add soil, pop in your cuttings, press down nice and tight to eliminate air pockets, and dot a few pretty glass drops on top. Water very lightly once a week (the stones at the bottom will prevent root rot, unless you over-water).

glass 1

vase 1

vase blue 1

Vases from wine bottles.  Simple and perfect. And Valentine’s Day is coming up, so a girl can never have too many. Vases, that is. For all the flowers. You know, that she’ll receive. From all her secret admirers.  Just saying.

So, as we’re gearing up for our first market day at Kirstenbosch on 23 February, I’m thinking….let’s sell these as well. No-brainer.  R10 per littlie and R20 per vase should see the table being cleared.

Back soon x


13 thoughts on “a bit of glass

  1. Words of Little Relevance

    My initial thought on seeing the first picture was … “If there are thirteen bottles of gin just out on the shelf, what’s even more valuable that they keep in the cupboard with the little lock on it?”

    Closely followed by “How do you cut glass neatly and still have enough fingers attached to type a blog post?”

    Beautiful finished products though.

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      Haha, trust you to think about the gin itself! (and not just any gin, I hope you notice, but Tanqueray – and that’s another story in itself, connected to my ex-husband!!!)
      I had no idea how they cut the glass so well, but I have since discovered that special glass-cutting machines exist. Do not doubt, even for a nanosecond, that these machines will one day be dusted off and put back to work (at least if I have anything to do with it). :-)

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      Thanks, Tamara, but it’s not hard to be creative when there’s so much STUFF lying around…. you can imagine how much fun I’m having. And I haven’t even told you about everything yet…;)


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