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un-Tyrolian hat

Sharon found this book in a charity shop. How we laughed at the hats!

tyrolian 4 tyrolian 3

… then I realised that three of the styles were very similar to some of the hats I make myself! hahaha – maybe it’s just the photo that’s dated :-)

I decided to try the green “Tyrolian” hat, top left in the pic. Shaped hats are difficult to achieve with crochet, even using thicker and less flexible yarns, so maybe there was some secret to this pattern?

tyrolian 1 tyrolian 2

Nope, there wasn’t. I have ended up with an un-Tyrolian hat – the crease will not stay, however hard I thump down on it, and the brim will not stay up at the sides, however hard I shout at it. Consequently, I have a completely different style of hat that I really really like. With some flowers or a band or a brooch pinned on, it’s versatile, warm and very vintage-looking. As in old-fashioned but in a good way.

Happy Sunday to all of you :-) x

How to turn a crochet flower into a brooch

To attach a brooch pin to the back of a flower:

You need a needle, thread and a brooch pin (available in bead and habby shops).

brooch 1

Leaving one long end free, weave all the other ends of the yarn neatly into the back of the flower and snip off.



Thread the needle with the long end of yarn and run it under a few stitches towards the centre of the flower, where you want the pin to be.

If your flower doesn’t have a loose long end that you can use to attach the pin, cut a length of yarn in a similar colour and use that instead.  Start by working a few stitches into the back to anchor the yarn.


Open the brooch pin, hold it in the position you want, and stitch through each of the three holes in the bar. Be careful not to stab yourself. I do this frequently.



Stitch through the other side of the bar as well, then weave in the loose thread. Snip off all loose ends.


I like to dab on a bit of clear nail polish or a tiny bit of fray-check or craft glue, just for safety’s sake.

And, as they say in France, walla!

wishing you all…

…a very happy and creative holiday season, whatever it is you do or don’t believe in. It’s definitely the time of year for a catch-up with family and friends, and for spreading a bit of love. And, as Sharon says, it’s not the time for laundry.

Here is my [very silly] contribution to the festivities:


It’s the telephone cable thingie at the entrance to the complex I live in. I realise not all the residents will like it but, as they say in the classics, “tough cookies”.

Back soon x

little flower

There are gazillions of flower patterns on the internet, but I made this one up myself. However, there are only so many ways you can make a simple five-petal flower like this, so if it’s similar to anyone else’s – then, so be it!

flower 4

If you make one, will you let me know if my instructions were spot-on or not? **The stitches are in British terminology.

I used DK cotton and a 4mm hook.
Ch 3, dc 10 into the first ch, sl st into beg ch3.

Round 2:  Ch1, 3tr into next st, ch1. st into next st. Repeat 4 times. You should now have five petals.

flower 3

Round 3: Ch1, 1dc into next st, 3htr into next st, 1dc into next st, ch1, sl st into sp between petals. Repeat this 4 times. End off and pull tight, and weave in the ends at the back.

Quickly quickly go pick up your hook and a scrap of yarn…..!!!!!!!

hear hear

I spend a lot more time crocheting these days than I ever used to. You got that already, I know. But think about this – do I want to have only my own thoughts to entertain me while my hands work? I don’t THINK so. I’m a terrible conversationist and I’d bore me in no time. DVDs – yes, now and then, but I’m not a big tv watcher and I get tired of images coming at me from a screen for too long.

Enter Andy the Android.

Andy was an unwanted gift to Rob from someone (who doesn’t read this blog, by the way) and now he is mine. Rob introduced me to audible.com and now I have some Hiaasen, some Deaver, some Palin, and some Bill Bryson to keep me company while I beaver away. A great technological stride for me, that is! Today’s beavering so far has been spent on the flowers in the photo, another ten to hang on the silver tree in a little girl’s bedroom.

Back soon x

even the longest journey…

…starts with a single step.

Confucious? Neil Armstrong? One of the chaps who worked on the pyramids? I don’t know who said it first, but I think it’s helpful to keep repeating it to myself as a kind of self-encouraging mantra as I face the mountain of mess that is currently my home. I decided to start in the kitchen. Just one corner of it, actually. Didn’t want to freak myself out too much right at the outset.

This corner is where I have been chucking some of my mosaic stuff – tools, mirror, glass, tiles, beads, etc. It got to be like this :


but now it looks like this:


One crate has tins and glass jars for recycling (either by me or Oasis, we’ll see) and the other has pretty much all the mosaic stuff stacked inside. I have nothing against black plastic crates but, as I stood admiring my effort, some other crap  stuff jumped out at me from a different corner and before I knew it, one crate got flowered.

Well, at least I’ve taken the first of what will be many many steps.  (They don’t all have to be in the same week, right?)

Back soon x

Perfect autumn weather

I seem to remember doing a hell of a lot of moaning and groaning about the impossibly hot weather we had at the end of summer, so now that it’s autumn and perfect and sunny yet mild and the leaves are all copper, I’m making a point of noticing and saying so.

Here’s the view from my lounge, 5 minutes ago:


and I realise there isn’t much copper, so I walked further down the garden and found this:


See?  – copper!

Okay, enough of the nature stuff.  On Friday I met up with the woman who is doing up her daughter’s bedroom, her colours are aubergine and lime (yep, purple and green!)
100_7259  100_7248

With the help of Edie Eckman’s wonderful book of crochet edgings,

100_7255   100_7247   100_7257

and the flower aghan in Simply Crochet Issue 3,

100_7256     100_7258

I’ve already finished the two strips (each 2.30 metres long) that will be used to edge two purple aubergine cushions, and have a nice lilac flower on a slate grey background to start off the third cushion.

I don’t usually buy crochet magazines but the cover of this one caught my eye recently (as one reader will know all too well).  I’m making the bolero on the front, in camel cotton with a 4mm hook.  I’ve just got to the arm shaping bit, but it’s been a lovely easy pattern so far.  Size medium. I figure that since I’m still following the Weigh-Less diet, I might not always have to make the very biggest size in everything from now on.


Time will tell, I suppose. Yesterday I went to Lyndall’s 23rd birthday tea where it would simply have been unforgivably rude of me not to join in the feast (devil’s on horseback, nutella muffins, lemon meringue).

I have to run some errands later. Perhaps the exercise will help burn off the extra kilojoules (get it?) (sorry!)

Back soon x