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ScrapHappy November

My little denim market bag has become old and shabby.  I need to have room for cash, cell phone and parking ticket – three things you never want to lose touch with when you’re busy and distracted at a market. I also like to wear it as a crossbody because it’s too easy for it to slip off if it’s just over one shoulder. Goodbye, tired old friend.

market bag old

Hello, sweet and pretty new patchwork buddy!

market bag 2

Except for the blue lace, these bits were all leftovers from cushions and bedspreads. The back is old denim from a pair of jeans that are happily now far too big for me to wear, with an extra pocket for luck.

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darling Darling

We had a fabulous Voorkamerfest weekend in Darling – an abundance of sunshine, customers, and good spirits. We stayed in a stunning little guest suite up at the top of Stasie Street, and we’ll be back there for another 3 days for the Wild Flower Show on the 18th of this month.

I was waiting to see what the peeps would think of the new fedoras and the patchwork bags, before spending too much money and time on items that wouldn’t sell. Now I know, and happily will be making lots more.

fed 3

tote 1                tote 2                 tote 3

tote 4 tote 5 tote 6

But not today. Today is PILLOW SLIP MAKING DAY. I have stocked up with egyptian cotton, white thread and a range of beautiful new fabric paints, and have even imposed a target on myself. Luckily it’s pouring with rain so I won’t be tempted to go out and roll around on the grass and smell the roses. But I hope you get to, wherever you are.

back to business :)

It looks like the most disruptive part of that messy business is behind me, so I’m back home and getting back into a productive work routine.

I’ve found knitting has helped me keep calm, especially since I am really really slow at it….  I’ve been trying out different hat patterns so my knitting ladies have samples to work from.  (I have another one on board now, and I didn’t even have to look for her, she found me!).

knitted hats

I also fitted in a pair of shark slippers for the girlfriend of a customer’s son, who is having a birthday today and is mad about sharks. Her boyfriend is treating her to a shark cage diving expedition… some people are craaaaazzzy.

shark slip 2     shark slip 1

Apparently they were all ecstatic about the slippers, but I have to say I wouldn’t make them again in a hurry. Too fiddly for my liking!!! I like more instant gratification.

I have also been sewing, which is fast becoming my preferred activity right now. I have boxes and boxes of leftover bits of fabric from Suzette (who makes cushions) and decided to make them up into patchwork bags.  I love mixing different colours and textures, but what I love most is making something useful out of someone else’s discards.

patchwork 3   patchwork 1 patchwork 2

They’ll get a lining and a bit of velcro to close but nothing fancy because I’d like to keep the price as low as possible. They’ll be coming to the Rondebosch Market with me on Saturday, so we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed for another sunny winter’s day.

scrap bag smack smack

My friend Suzette makes stunning cushions, and she uses only the best quality fabrics from Hertex. Consequently, her scraps and off-cuts are not to be sneered at. I took four boxes of scraps off her this weekend (I know, right?!), and was overcome by an incredible urge to make a bag this morning.

scrap bag 4

scrap bag 1

It’s not terribly well thought out and I’m not sure what to do about a strap yet, but I did manage a lining.

scrap bag 2

scrap bag 3

Best part? Suzette’s scraps come in ready-made strips! Almost no cutting required :-)

PS. Rob will have a fit when he reads this post because I’m supposed to be making hats and only hats. smack. For Grahamstown. smack. Big Market. smack. Only 6 weeks away…….smack smack smack

me and my camera

Saturday morning at the Country Craft Market in Somerset West was my first market of the year.  I haven’t been a vendor there for very long, and yet these mornings it feels like it’s going to visit friends! There are so many people there who are already special to me, I thought I’d share some pics:




bag heaven


more bag heaven. The fabric on this one is actually lime but my pic is lousy. I am still hankering after this one!

Theresa of Theresa Jane Textiles creates the most stunning bags and cushions from all kinds of bits and pieces, and puts them together like a professional.  My heart said Buy all the bags Buy all the bags, but I had to listen to my head (which keeps tabs on my finances) so I restrained myself and bought just one shoulder bag, which is now my Official Market Money Bag.


Me with my new bag

Sipiwe makes and sells ceramic items, always a winner with tourists

Sipiwe and his vibrant ceramics

Sipiwe designs and makes his own ceramic pieces, and I can assure you that it’s not only tourists who line up to buy them.

Michelle from Baillie and Kovar Design. She and her partner Malcolm have such an original take on recycled wood and tiles that market organisers and retailers approach them – for the rest of us, it’s the other way around!

Kerstin of Manor House Alpaca in Franschhoek. I've never met anyone with the kind of energy this girl has, also separate blog post coming up soon.

Kerstin of Manor House Alpaca in Franschhoek. I’ve never met anyone with the kind of energy this girl has, a whole post devoted to her is coming up soon.

Daniel, Kerstin's 6-month old baby. The happiest chap I ever did meet!

Daniel, Kerstin’s 6-month old baby. The happiest chap I ever did meet!

Alpaca - drool.....

Alpaca – drool…..

dolls clothes

Lee, the lovely lady with the doll’s clothes, who also happens to be related to a big pal of mine, Coral-Leigh. Talented and entrepreneurial family, this lot.

walking sticks

Uncle Bob’s walking sticks.

Uncle Bob is a cornerstone of the Country Craft Market and, despite his love of chatting and telling jokes, he refused to have his photo taken. Nee, my skat, daai kamera lens gaan breek! (No, my dear, that camera lens will crack)

In other news, I’m busy with the new blog for The Carpenter’s Shop. If any of you lovely readers feel like popping over, it’s here, and we would certainly welcome some followers. Nudge nudge.

Back soon x